Hypothyroidism Erectile Dysfunction ED

Hypothyroidism Erectile Dysfunction ED

Hypothyroidism Erectile Dysfunction ED– You have ED related problems? Contact us below- WE CAN HELP! 

According to, “The interrelationships between thyroid dysfunction and hypogonadism in men and boys.” Thyroid. 2004;14 Suppl 1:S17-25. By Meikle AW1.

Hyper/hypothyroidsm could severely affect all aspects of eretile dysfunction.  
The different levels or changes of them could affect things like libido, erectile quality, stamina and more.
It is important to receive periodic medical supervision to ensure levels are within range. If erectile dysfunction is experienced it is important to share such information with the healthcare provider for proper care. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while the source of the ED may be related to thyroid abnormalities but there are solutions to ensure sexual relations are not affected. 
For urologists the most effective ED treatment is Trimix Injection which provides relief for 80%-90% of patients. While the medication will not treat the underlying cause, it will provide patients usable erections to continue to experience sexual relations.   

Regardless of past experiences with oral erectile dysfunction medications Trimixcould end years of frustration even for Thyroid ED patients. 

The Trimix expert pharmacists at Zion Pharmacy are always available for consultation regarding this and other conditions. We look forward to assisting you with your condition.  


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Hypothyroidism Erectile Dysfunction ED

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