Market Research Specialist

Market Research Specialist:   Research local and regional market conditions; gather and analyze information to determine potential sales of employer's services and products; gather information on competitors’ sales and distribution; and support employer’s marketing campaign; developing business and brand marketing strategies and discussing strategies with company officers; analyzing market conditions and trends, and identifying potential products to offer that align with our brand; monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of our current and past marketing practices; reviewing past marketing and its changing sales performance; forecast future marketing and sales trends of our products; gathering information on customer demographics, needs, preferences, and referral habits to identify potential new markets to target; and establishing business management methods regarding the purchasing and supply chain of products for sale.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or closely related discipline. Completion of six months of USP 797 and FDA CFR 11 compliance training. Must have at least six months of experience in job offered. Applicants with any suitable combination of education, training or experience are acceptable.


Applicants are to EMAIL resumes to the employer, at: [email protected]