HCG Troches

Many patients have tried HCG troches for several conditions as clinically warranted. One of the most troublesome shortcomings of the HCG therapy must be the need for daily injections. Many patients complaints to their physicians that injections are uncomfortable and require careful planing. Many people asked for more convenient method of therapy administration. At Zion Compounding Pharmacy you can find the best solution for your clinic and for your patients. 

The Solution

HCG Troches are gelatin based, fast dissolving, sub-lingual “candies”. Zion Pharmacy uses this dosage form to deliver to the patient the specificmedication by absorption through the skin underneath the tongue. Troches are enhanced with either a mint or raspberry flavoring and dissolve very quickly due to the inner body temperature inside the mouth. Ask your physician whether your condition can be treated with HCG Troches.

Ordering HCG troches is simple, however it does require a prescription from a licensed physician.

Allow 1-2 business days for compounding. Troches are shipped on cold packs to ensure they don’t melt during shipping.



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