Hospice patient are a special population of patients with very unique needs. At Zion Clinical Pharmacy we are proud to leverage our clinical experience to alleviate the pain and sufferings of these special patients. We use the most advanced medications, techniques and processors to compound the most effective medications specifically designed with hospice patients in mind.

Because of the advance nature of the medical conditions faced at hospices our expert pharmacist do their best to match dosing and dosage form to each patient’s specific situation. In order to overcome physical limitations our pharmacy can compound medications in a variety of dosage forms such as injectables, sprays, liquid drops, capsules, gels, creams and suppositories.

Our Clinical Pharmacist can work in conjunction with the administering physicians to discuss effective absorption rates and the best administration method for each patient.

Hospice patients also have special dosing needs which may not be commercially available. Our compounded medications can be prepared with the exact dosage prescribed by the physician and at times with special additives to aid in therapeutic regimen.

Whether your patient suffers from the common symptoms or adverse effects from disease or treatment, Zion Clinical Pharmacy can compound the best fit therapy.



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