How to Make Trimix Injection For Erectile Dysfunction

How to Make Trimix Injection For Erectile Dysfunction


In this video, patients can learn the easy steps to self-administer a Trimix Injection for Erectile Dysfunction. 




The steps to self-administration of Trimix Injection for Erectile Dysfunction:


1.   Wash Hands with an anti-bacterial soap

2.   Clean rubber stopper with alcohol wipe

3.   Insert the same volume of air into vial matching the injection dose (if dose is 20 units inject 20 units of air)

4.   Draw dosage measure from vial

5.   Wipe injection site with alcohol pad (between 2-3 O’clock or 9-10 O’clock)

6.   Insert injection or use Trimix Autoinjector

7.   Apply pressure to injection site for a few seconds with alcohol pad to stop minimal bleeding

8.   Roll penis for 30 seconds to evenly distribute medication throughout the corpus-cavernosa

9.   Wait a few minutes to achieve usable erection

10. Keep medication in refrigerator or frozen between uses

11. Repeat these steps with every administration

12. If any issues arise consult your prescribing physician


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