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In Trimix administration, most insulin syringes will require the use of the “short depth adjuster” adapter.

Each needle brand model have their specific calibration and one cannot assume two syringes to be the same even if they are the same brand but different volumes of the drum (i.e. 1cc syringe, 1/2cc syringe or 1/3cc syringe).


1. Screw in “Short Depth Adjuster into “Syringe Housing”




2. Insert syringe into “syringe housing”




3. Screw “syringe housing” on “injector body”,

WARNING: needle should be protruding avoid contact with sharp needle tip




4. While in “fired position” (black plunger NOT sticking out from the back) screw in short depth adjuster down until entire needle is exposed. Remember the letter on the short adapter for future injections, to make sure it is still calibrated





5. Make sure plastic part where the needle is attached to syringe body is below the lip of “short depth adjuster”.


WARNING: If plastic portion is above lip it will slam into penis and cause pain/injury


 Picture9     Picture10


6. Trimix Autoinjector is now Calibrated for this specific insulin syringe model.


NOTE: When a different model of the syringe is used even if it is from the same manufacturer, the calibration process must be repeated.



1. Prepare Trimix dose in fixed needle insulin syringe


2. Insert  “Yellow Primer and Depth Adapter” into tip of “short depth adjuster”

3. Push “Syringe Housing” with “Yellow Primer and Depth Adapter” deep into “Injector Body” until it locks into “Cocked Position” (black lever sticks out)



4. Remove “Yellow Primer and Depth Adapter”
5. Insert Syringe into “syringe housing”
6. Screw “syringe housing” into “injector body”


7. Injector is now “cocked” and ready for administration




The Injector has a safety mechanism where it will not operate unless the injector is pushed against the injection site. This ensures there is no accidental injection.

The injector has three modes:


“Safe”–    Window shows Red color

“Active”– While pushed against injection site, window is clear and ready for injection

“Fired”–   Window is yellow




9. Place in place of injection administration and press “Firing Button” to administer




10. After Administration pull out injector as the needle will be still sticking out  



11. Remove needle from autoinjector and dispose appropriately



12. Clean Autoinjector with alcohol pads and store for next use.



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