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Trimix Injection Solution is not a new solution, but as information about Erectile Dysfunction widespread through the Internet, it is discovered that Erectile Dysfunction is not a permanent condition in most cases. 

Many patients tried oral medications such as Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra®.  Most of those medications have a side effect such as faster heart beating, causes a heart attack and other chest pain, mood swings, and hardly any results. 

Today physicians are getting more knowledgeable in the world of medicine. Number one solution for Erectile Dysfunction is a combination of 3 ingredients: alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine combined together. When the correct dosage is prescribed, patients experience success and great results with their treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.


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Problem Conditions That Cause ED and Maybe Treated with TriMix Solution

  • Diabetes                                Confidence
  • Hypertension                     
  • Prostate Surgery
  • Psychological ED (Low Self Esteem, Etc.)
  • Oral Medications Not Working
  • Testosterone Use
  • Porn-Induced ED
  • Alcoholism 
  • Nerve Damage due to Colo-Rectal Surgery



Trimix Injection Solution is the medication administered via intracavernosal injection directly into the penile shaft. Erections occur within a few minutes and effects may last for over 24 hours where many patients can naturally get more erections. Trimix is most often recommended for use 3 times per week when medically warranted. Any physician who is trained to provide this therapy can prescribe and educate about Trimix Injection Solution. 


Please review video below for instructions how to injection TriMix Solution.



The injection must be compounded by a pharmacy and administered via intracavernosal injection (an injection at either side, not the base, of the penis).

Trimix is typically compounded by a pharmacy in a sterile environment and then frozen. The compound is stable for up to six months while stored frozen and for one month if stored refrigerated beginning at the time of manufacture.

♦ By using this you are agreeing that you are the patient to whom the RX was prescribed.

♦ Furthermore, you certify the prescription was given to you by a licensed physician, following a face to face visit, where you were examined and furnished with the Rx to treat a specific medical condition.


  • Trimix Lite             7.5-0.5-10
  • Trimix Regular     15-1-20
  • Trimix Extra          30-2-40



Zion Clinical Pharmacy verifies all prescriptions with prescribing physicians as well as the validity of licenses including the DEA license. No controlled substances will be dispensed through this system!  Zion Clinical Pharmacy will report suspicious elicit attempts to illegally access prescribed medication (in accordance with all rules and regulations).



Michael H. Jacksoville, FL I am 62 with Diabetes and had a lot of marital problems as a result of my ED. The Trimix Injection Solution from Zion Clinical Pharmacy saved my marriage and increased my confidence in many ways. I wish I found it 3 years ago! Thanks Dr. Taran


Dr. A.C., Miami, FL I had a radical prostatectomy 3 years ago and dealing with the recovery was nothing compared to the “marital” consequences. Your Trimix solution gave me back the confidence and normalcy. Thanks to you I got the push I needed to put my life back on track. As a result I currently prescribe your solution to other patients who are getting great results. Thank you for assisting me personally and my patients with Trimix Injection Solution.   


Long-term stability of Trimix





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