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TriMix Injection Solution Orlando is a compounded medical formulation which is prescribed by licensed physicians to treat Orlando Erectile Dysfunction patients.

Couple BeachTrimix Injection Solution (Orlando Kissimmee Sanford Deltona Daytona Beach) is a compounded medical formulation which is used by licensed health professionals to treat Orlando Erectile Dysfunction patients. Impotence problems, also known as ED, is a clinical condition that affects 16-32 million male patients in the States. Trimix Injection Solution (Orlando Kissimmee Sanford Deltona Daytona Beach) has been highly effectual at helping Orlando Erectile Dysfunction patients as clearly mentionied in medical trials. Trimix Injection Solution (Orlando Kissimmee Sanford Deltona Daytona Beach), has been definitely beneficial for individuals who suffer from diabetes and have arterial narrowing and have limited blood flow to the male genitalia. Your Orlando doctor is the only expert who will be able to perform a bodily test and lab work to clearly detect your circumstances and decide whether Trimix is a treatment for your health problem.

Conditions That Cause ED and May be Treated with Trimix

  1. Diabetes
  2. Hypertension
  3. No Prostate (Prostatectomy)
  4. Nerve Damage due to Colo-Rectal Surgery
  5. Psychological ED (Low Self Esteem, Etc.)
  6. No Results from Oral medications
  7. Painful Side Effects from Caverject or Edex
  8. Heavy Testosterone or Anabolic Steroid Use
  9. Alcoholism



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The Solution
Trimix injection solution is the new hope for Erectile Dysfunction patients for whom oral medications offer no real results. The medication is administered via intracavernosal injection directly into the penile shaft. Erections occur within a few minutes and effects may last for over 24 hours where many patient can naturally get more erections. Trimix is most often recommended for use 3 times per week when medically warranted. Any physician who is trained at providing this therapy can prescribe Trimix Injection Solution. 

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The ultimate deciding authority for the prescribing of Trimix injection solution as part of an effective erectile dysfunction therapy is your physician. For Diabetes patients Trimix injection solution presents one of the few medicated ways to be normal again. Regardless if you are an experienced Trimix user or a new candidate, Zion Pharmacy can compound your personal Trimix solution to get your life going again. Trimix is often a mixture of Papaverine HCl, Phentolamine Mesylate and Prostaglandin E1 at different concentrations. At Zion Clinical Pharmacy our expert urology compounding pharmacists create the exact formula prescribed by the physician to achieve the best results.

Long term stability of Trimix (Study)


Michael H. Jacksoville, FL I am sixty two with Diabetes and had a lot of marital problems as a result of my ED. The Trimix Injection Solution from Zion Clinical Pharmacy saved my marriage and increased my confidence in many ways. I wish I found it 3 years ago! Thanks Dr. Taran

Dr. A.C., Miami, FL I had a radical prostatectomy 3 years ago and dealing with the recovery was nothing compared to the “marital” consequences. Your Trimix solution gave me back the confidence and normalcy. Thanks to you I got the push I needed to put my life back on track. As a result I currently prescribe your solution to other patients who are getting great results. Thank you for assisting me personally and my patients with Trimix Injection Solution (Orlando Kissimmee Sanford Deltona Daytona Beach).   

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