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  2. Medication is in lyophilized (powder form) and does not require refrigeration until reconstituted.
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  5. “One Stop” shop for all associated supplies and allied products

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Zion Clinical Pharmacy verifies all prescriptions with prescribing physicians as well as the validity of licenses including the DEA license. No controlled substances will be dispensed through this system!  Zion Clinical Pharmacy will report suspicious elicit attempts to illegally access prescribed medication (in accordance with all rules and regulations).


♦ By using this you are agreeing that you are the patient to whom the RX was prescribed. 


♦ Furthermore, you certify the prescription was given to you by a licensed physician, following a face to face visit, where you were examined and furnished with the Rx to treat a specific medical condition.                 



  • Trimix Lite             7.5-0.5-10
  • Trimix Regular     15-1-20
  • Trimix Extra          30-2-40


The ultimate deciding authority for the prescribing of Trimix Injection Solution as part of an effective Erectile Dysfunction therapy is your physician.

For Diabetes patients Trimix Injection Solution presents one of the few medicated ways to be normal again.

Regardless if you are an experienced Trimix user or a new candidate, Zion Pharmacy can compound your personal Trimix Solution to get your life going again. 

Trimix is often a mixture of Papaverine HCl, Phentolamine Mesylate and Prostaglandin E1 at different concentrations.

At Zion Clinical Pharmacy our expert compounding pharmacist creates the exact formula prescribed by the physician to achieve the best results.



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