The dosage forms, or the way a certain medication is packaged and delivered, could be the difference between the success or failure of a given therapy.

Different routes of administration (oral, topical, injectable) can be used to help target a specific condition, or simply depend on patient or physician preference.

At Zion Pharmacy we pride ourselves in offering the most effective methods available.

We can compound your medications in the following methods of delivery:


  1. Transdermal Gels
  2. Topical Creams
  3. Capsules
  4. Drops
  5. Nasal Sprays
  6. Sterile Injections
  7. IV Bags
Medication types


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Zion Clinical Pharmacy verifies all prescriptions with prescribing physicians as well as the validity of licenses including the DEA license. No controlled substances will be dispensed through this system!  Zion Clinical Pharmacy will report suspicious elicit attempts to illegally access prescribed medication (in accordance with all rules and regulations).

♦ By using this you are agreeing that you are the patient to whom the RX was prescribed.

♦ Furthermore, you certify the prescription was given to you by a licensed physician, following a face to face visit, where you were examined and furnished with the Rx to treat a     specific medical condition.


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