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For five-figure annual fees, boutique medical services offer the wealthiest Americans the chance to cut the line and receive the best treatment.
Hospitals and a new generation of medical tourism companies are luring well-heeled Chinese patients away from an overburdened health care system.
A hospital chaplain counsels people in the throes of medical emergencies, unexpected diagnoses and end-of-life decisions.
The blast struck a military-owned hospital in the capital on Monday, three years after the army seized power to thwart a populist movement in the kingdom.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt breaks his silence to say NHS has not suffered second wave of attacks

We’re closing the liveblog coverage now. Here’s our latest story from my colleagues Haroon Siddique and Jessica Elgot. Thanks for reading.

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The Guardian has spoken to an IT worker whose company has paid out in total around £80,000 to ransomware attackers over the last year, most recently following an attack three months ago.

The 34-year-old IT support worker in the UK, who wishes to remain anonymous, said once the ransom was handed over, those behind the attack were “very, very helpful”.

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Road closings during races can cause critical delays for patients trying to get to the hospital or waiting for an ambulance.
Politicians pointed fingers and patients expressed a mix of frustration and gratitude as hospital employees grappled with the recent cyberattack.
The National Health Service was repeatedly warned about its out-of-date and vulnerable systems before it suffered a devastating cyberattack on Friday.

England is reeling from suspected cyberattacks on hospitals across the nation. The attacks caused havoc with hospital systems. Patients needing emergency care were diverted. The public was advised to only seek care for acute conditions.

The National Health Service said it was responding to the incidents.

There was no immediate comment from the Health Ministry.


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The spread of a “ransomware” attack around the globe affected the United States much less because a British cybersecurity researcher accidentally stopped the attack from spreading more widely.
A new wave of research sheds light on what patients want at the end of life, and who is or isn’t getting it.
The shift involves funding that the federal government provides to help hospitals defray the cost of caring for low-income people who are uninsured.

In war-torn Yemen, where 10,000 people have died in fighting between Houthi rebels allied with Iran and Saudi forces that support Yemen’s government, it is hard to get food and supplies into the country. Hungry people don’t have the necessary medical attention.

A top Saudi aid official described how supplies are still getting in, despite the chaos.

Abdullah Al-rabeeah, Advisor at the Saudi Arabia Royal Court and Supervisor-general of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre spoke about the unique ways Saudi Arabia is carrying equipment to Yemeni hospitals, “At that difficult situation of Taiz we actually used the airplanes of the coalition to air drop medication and food supplies, and without that, the four main hospitals in Taiz would not have continued to work. And we had also another difficulty for the oxygen supply for the ICUs, intensive care units, and we have used, I’m sure you will laugh at it, but that is what we used, we used animals to carry oxygen cylinders, we used the donkeys and camels to carry oxygen cylinders through the mountains with a very capable local NGO to make the hospitals work.”

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Patients recover equally well and may experience fewer complications with outpatient rehabilitation, studies show.
Insurance plans offered directly by hospitals or health systems have a better track record for customer service, a study shows.


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