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In this May 17, 2017 file photo, CNN president Jeff Zucker attends the Turner Network 2017 Upfront presentation at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Zucker says the level of threats faced by his journalists is more serious than people realize. He lays the blame squarely at the feet of President Donald Trump and other politicians who try to delegitimize the press. Zucker on Thursday, June 15, 2017 called it unconscionable and said they should know better.(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
CNNMoney Executive Editor Rich Barbieri has sent an internal memo to all staff instructing them that all Russia-related stories must be cleared by him or another high-ranking executive, following a Breitbart News investigation which forced the retraction of a fake news story.
CNN President Jeff Zucker attends CNN Heroes Gala 2016 at the American Museum of Natural History on December 11, 2016 in New York City. 26362_011 (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner)
The “very fake news” scandal that is engulfing CNN inside and outside the left-wing network now reaches its highest levels as even CNN president Jeff Zucker is personally involved in the internal investigation into a now-retracted hit piece, sources inside CNN with direct knowledge confirmed to Breitbart News.

The network President Donald Trump has identified as a "very fake news" outlet is under fire from all sides as it was forced to retract a blatantly inaccurate hit piece on President Trump and his associates in the wake of a Breitbart News investigation this weekend.

Peddling fake news does not, in fact, equate to a long-term successful business strategy, reporters for The New York Times are learning the hard way.

The general public agrees with Republicans and President Donald Trump that the establishment press are biased against Republicans and the Trump administration, according to recent national polls.

CNN has admitted it printed what President Donald Trump calls “very fake news” and retracted a demonstrably inaccurate hit piece on the President and his allies after a Breitbart News investigation uncovered significant inaccuracies and flaws in CNN’s work.

Another day, another very fake news story from the network President Donald Trump has identified as “very fake news.”
The group’s president, Jeff Mason of Reuters, met with Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, on Thursday to discuss the issue to no avail.

As the election results showed Republican Karen Handel soundly beating her opponent Jon Ossoff in the special election in Georgia, CNN analysts appeared disappointed by the results before anchor Anderson Cooper cut to a break.

Main Street Patriots organized a protest at CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday to speak out against what they consider fake news reported by the outlet and other media organizations across the country, particularly when reporting on President Donald Trump.

Demonstrators in Atlanta protested CNN and fake news. Video via GFVLIVE Follow Breitbart News on Twitter @BreitbartNews

CNN chief Jeff Zucker blamed President Donald Trump for endangering reporters in the legacy media.

A protest planned for Saturday at CNN headquarters in Atlanta is gaining steam as protesters rally around President Donald Trump and Republicans following a shooting on Wednesday aimed at GOP lawmakers and staff as they practiced for the annual Congressional baseball game at Nationals Park.

CNN Politics tweeted an image Thursday of both congressional baseball teams gathered on the field, kneeling in prayer. The caption of the image, though, said, "Members of the Democratic team," as if those kneeling in prayer in the photo were only Democrats.

Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) attempted to clarify remarks he had made earlier in the day tying President Donald Trump to the shootings in Alexandria, VA that resulted in House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) being in critical condition. Sanford said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Trump was “partially to blame” for the environment that led to the shooting. But in his appearance on CNN from Nationals Park in Washington, DC, he told host Anderson Cooper that Trump was not to blame for the shooting itself. Partial transcript as follow: COOPER: When you — when you said that about the president being partly to blame for the demons that have been unleashed — SANFORD: And I want to be clear. I didn’t blame him for the shooting that took place yesterday. COOPER: Of course. SANFORD: What I said was, we have gotten to a point in terms of breakdown of civility in our country that it’s a problem, and that everybody is to blame and the blame can go on Republicans side, go on the Democratic side. But when the president says to somebody in the audience, I wish I could hit you in


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