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Media company has been considering ditching the name ‘for a few weeks’ but no final decision has been made yet

Tronc is dead, long live Tribune! The media company that owns the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News is considering ditching its much ridiculed name and returning to the original just two years after its rebranding.

Tribune Publishing rebranded itself tronc Inc (the lowercase t is deliberate) in June 2016 in a buzz-word laden press release that was greeted with much lampooning online. A company source confirmed that tronc had been considering a name change “for a few weeks” but that the final decision had not yet been taken.

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One of the most influential reigns in British journalism to come to an end after 26 years

Paul Dacre will step down as editor of the Daily Mail in November, bringing an end to one of the most influential reigns in British journalism.

Dacre has edited the newspaper since 1992, exerting enormous leverage over British public life with a relentless focus on what he believed to be the concerns of middle England, ranging from a tough line on immigration to campaigns against plastic bags.

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Billionaire philanthropist returns as hate figure with his ‘plot’ to stop Brexit

The billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros makes an easy and a useful enemy: he is a liberal, a generous promoter of democracy, human rights and open borders, the 29th-richest man in the world, and Jewish.

The Hungarian-American hedge fund owner first hit the headlines in Britain in 1992 after he earned a reported $1bn – and the title “the man who broke the Bank of England” – by betting on Black Wednesday.

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Tesla founder hits out at journalists as anti-Brexit billionaire is accused by Daily Mail of undermining democracy

This is the tale of two billionaires at the heart of the current debate over truth and trust in the media: one, George Soros, long used to being vilified by the press; the other, Elon Musk, who last week turned on journalists and called them liars.

After a few negative headlines about his electric car company, Tesla, Musk took exception to an investigation by Reveal, website for the Center for Investigative Reporting, into the number of unreported injuries. Linking to a report disclaiming the negative headlines, the PayPal founder and space explorer tweeted: “Holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie, is why the public no longer respects them.”

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LA Times, Chicago Tribune and others redirect to pages saying sites are currently unavailable in most European countries

The general data protection regulation, which has come into effect, has prompted a number of prestigious US-based websites including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune to shut off access to internet users in the EU.

Visitors to newspapers owned by Tronc Inc – formerly Tribune Publishing – which also includes the New York Daily News, the Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel and the San Diego Union-Tribune, are being redirected to a page with the message: “Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

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Campaigners use alternative platforms to promote message on news sites and games

Anti-abortion campaigners have sidestepped Google’s ban on online adverts relating to the referendum in Ireland on Friday, so as to promote their message on popular websites.

This May the tech company banned paid messages relating to the referendum from appearing on its services, which dominates many aspects of online advertising.

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Scott is the rightwing news organisation’s first female leader, but many question whether she is a break with the past

Fox News announced on Thursday that their new CEO will be Suzanne Scott, currently the president of programming. The company has effectively been without an official CEO since Roger Ailes was ousted in 2016 amid sexual harassment allegations, although Rupert Murdoch had stepped in to run the channel during the interim.

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Donald Trump’s trade tariffs and anti-dumping penalties have pushed the cost of imported Canadian newsprint up by 30%

The troubled US newspaper industry is taking another hit from Donald Trump – recently imposed trade tariffs and anti-dumping penalties have pushed the cost of imported Canadian newsprint up by 30%.

The duties were imposed after petitions made by US-based pulp and paper manufacturers claiming that Canada’s exports of uncoated groundwood paper are unfairly subsidized by the Canadian government.

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Phnom Penh Post was seen as last bastion of independence in media under fire from PM

For 30 years Aun Pheap reported on corruption, human rights abuses, elections and political scandals for every major newspaper in Cambodia, a job he felt he was born to do. Now, like so many journalists who worked in Cambodia’s once free press, he is in exile, branded an enemy of the state.

For Pheap, formerly a reporter at the Cambodia Daily, which shut down last year, “this is the worst situation for the press and for journalists I have seen in my whole 30-year career”. And it has worsened further this week, with the sale of the Phnom Penh Post, seen as the last bastion of the free press in Cambodia, to the owner of a Malaysian PR company who has links to the regime of the Cambodian prime minister, Hun Sen.

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£200m media buyout to be investigated by the competition regulator and culture secretary

The £200m deal struck by the publisher of the Mirror titles to buy Richard Desmond’s Express and Star newspapers is to be investigated by the competition regulator and referred to Matt Hancock, the culture secretary, over potential concerns it will reduce media plurality in the national newspaper market.

Trinity Mirror shareholders voted in February to approve the deal to add the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday newspapers, as well as magazines including celebrity title OK!, to its national titles the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.

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A Guardian investigation shows there were whole months last year when not a single BAME person featured on the cover of our biggest-selling magazines. And when it comes to children’s magazines, the problem is even worse

Women’s magazine editors have always understood the importance of a good cover. An illustration of Queen Victoria’s bust, surrounded by stylish women behaving as domestic role models, was credited with propelling Mrs Beeton’s The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine to bestseller status in 1857, earning it “more patrons than any other magazine in the Empire”, one newspaper said. As a mixed-race girl growing up in Britain in the 1990s, I might have still been in the era of empire, as far as my relationship with popular magazines was concerned. Yes, I bought Just Seventeen, More, Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue, but the fact that I – and thousands of other women and girls of colour like me – spent our money on glossies did not mean they catered for us. Through ignorance and indifference, they frequently featured no one of black, Asian, mixed or any other ethnic minority heritage from cover to cover, while advice on makeup, skin care, hair styles and products was unfailingly irrelevant to us.

New research by the Guardian’s data team shows how little has changed. The covers of some the UK’s most popular monthlies remain overwhelmingly white.

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After Walmart said it would stop selling Cosmo in the checkout aisle, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is eyeing further victories

Even in the digital age, choosing a magazine at the supermarket checkout aisle is an enduring American tradition.

Shoppers at the country’s biggest retailer were spoilt for choice this week if they wanted to devour scurrilous tabloid allegations about Hollywood celebrities and the health, sexual proclivities and drinking habits of the British royal family.

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National Center on Sexual Exploitation calls Walmart a ‘trailblazer in corporate responsibility’ for pulling magazine from checkout aisles

Walmart has removed Cosmopolitan magazine from its checkout aisles, although it will still be available in stores. The retailer said it was primarily a business decision, but concerns raised by groups over the magazine’s content were heard.

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The famous periodical has been delving into its own back issues – and found it was guilty of presenting race hierarchically, as well as reinforcing colonialist attitudes

Name: National Geographic.

Age: 129.

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‘Virtual newsstand’ lets users read about 200 digital titles for a monthly subscription fee

Apple is to buy the digital magazine service Texture, which lets users read titles for a monthly subscription fee.

The “virtual newsstand” gives readers online access to current and back issues of about 200 titles, including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, for a monthly fee of $9.99 (£7.19).

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